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Membership Benefits:

Why join? An Unlimited access to the "Members Only" after logging into our secure Member's Log-In Portal. We are so glad to have you as friends. And we really want you as members to help the group keep growing and putting together great runs and activities promoting a healthy lifestyle free from gluten. More over, the members will:
1. Receive an up-to-date brochures, magazines and educational publications
2. Receive an electronic invitation to any lectures, exhibitions and future events so you will have the chance to experience an overwhelming campaign conducted by the group.
3. Be advised As soon as possible if queries are submitted to the website. All questions will be accommodates by our competent and professional Doctors and Nutrition Specialists
Significance of the Membership:
1. To uplift awareness through continuous health education to our clients
2. Evaluate the effectiveness of the group in it's delivery of the service.
3. To help overcome the difficulties faced the clients suffering from wheat allergy disease in Saudi Arabia and the Arab World.

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