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We are encouraging everyone in the regions of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and overseas to participate and join us on our Mission of serving the Public People, through our Mall Campaigns, Educational Exhibition, Lectures and Meetings. In addition, with your convenience, we are giving this opportunity for you to communicate and share with us your insights, ideas about this Health Problem by joining the Group, Volunteer are all welcome, and we are glad to accept any articles and research that we can place in this website.

Distance will not be a hindrance for us to work together and achieve our mission to help our clients in overcoming their doubts and make them independent in the management of the Celiac Disease.

It is our great pleasure if you will be one among our members. Awaiting for you ;)


With best greetings

Group family of Saudi Arabia in support of patients with wheat allergy


Member شعيل
Date of post 2015-11-17
Title قائمة بالمكونات الواجب تجنبها لمرضى حساسية القمح
  السلام عليكم  تسمى هذه القائمة بالجلوتين الخفي، فبعض مرضى حساسية القمح حين ينظرون الى مكونات التصنيع وعندما تكون خالية من القمح او الشعير، يعتقدون انها ملائمة لهم، ولكن هناك بعض المكونات التي تصنع من الجلوتين. هذا قائمة بالمكونات الواجب تجنبها في اطعمتنا Binders Blue cheese Brown rice syrup (if barley malt enzyme is used) Buckwheat flour and soba noodles (if combined with wheat) Caramel coloring (made from barley malt enzymes) Coatings Colorings Dextrins D

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