“Mall Campaign dated 13 March 2014 (12/05/1435) at Granada Mall”

Believing that prevention is better that cure, we put emphasize on raising the awareness of the Public people, Saudi Celiac Patients’ Support Group in collaboration with The Saudi Gastroenterology Association organized this event which will until the rest of the year.

In the most recent studies, it shows that the prevalence of celiac disease ranges between 2-3% in Saudi Arabia. It is quite obvious that there is numerous Saudi suffers from Celiac Disease.

This campaign aims to educate the Saudi society on the disease background and guide the patients on compliance with gluten-free intake to maintain a proper healthy diet.

The campaign was under the supervision of Prof. Asaad Assiri and Prof. Saleh Al Amri. With the guidance of our Therapeutic Nutrition Specialist and assistance of King Khalid University Hospital Medical Students and group organizers, Al Hamdullilah, the event was successfully conducted.

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