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A high School student named Shahad recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease. It was surprising for her and for the first time heard the said condition. She speak to her family, significant others and School Principal in order to ask for advice and gather some information and its management. Fortunately, the Principal of the School discerned one of the Saudi Celiac Patients’ Supports Group mall campaigns. It was a good chance for her to seek an overview of the Disease and its Nature to share it with Ms. Shahad and students and it was a great opportunity for the Group to be invited in their School to conduct an Educational Session.

Al Hamdullilah, the event was successful well in fact it was covered by Al Hyat newsletter. Ms. Shahad was interviewed to share her experience and idea about her condition. She said that she was diagnosed one-year back, experience symptoms such as acute pain in the stomach, diarrhea and sudden weight loss. She visited a clinic and consulted a Doctor, which advised her to limit intake of Spicy and prevent food containing gluten. I followed, as per the Doctor’s advice and with the support of my family and help from Allah, I was able to overcome this health condition, she stated.

Ms. Reenad, who used to be Ms. Shahad’s friend as well, suffers from the same condition. She admits that it is difficult to avoid foods that are free from gluten because it is a part of her daily eating habit. In her case, Reenad experience skin allergy in addition to the usual symptom of Celiac Disease. She added that awareness for this disease is a crucial issue because it is not well known among individuals.

To put emphasize, The Saudi Celiac Patients’ Support Group’s objective is to raise the Public Awareness on Celiac Disease. We would like to thank the High School 21’s Staff, students and their families for their overwhelming invitation and interest in the said activity. To the Organizers and the Volunteer Medical Students of King Saud University, thank you very much for making this Campaign happen.


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