Two (2) Sequel of Public Awareness Campaign


The first Public Awareness Campaign for Celiac Disease was held on the 04 February 2014 at the College of Medicine, King Khalid University Hospital led by Prince Abdullah Bin Khalid (Research Chair for Celiac).

The second sequel was held at Hayat Mall on 06 February 2014 coerced by the Respected Director of King Saud University, Badran Abdul Rahman Al –Omer.

It was explained by Prof. Asaad Mohammed Assiri, Pediatric Gastro Consultant, that the campaign focuses on the promotion of Public awareness in the nature of Celiac Disease, its signs and symptoms, in both children and adults and apply the methods of diagnosis, prevention and early treatment.

Educational Arabic and English reading material such as brochures and magazines were feasible to the Public people in order to disseminate health informations regarding the Celiac Disease that further explained in the booklets.

Booths are also available in order to accommodate any inquiries and clarifications regarding the Disease background.

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