Educational Exhibition at Princess Nora Bin Abdulrahman University

DATE: 28 November 2013

TIME: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

VENUE: University Courtyard of Health Colleges, Princess Nora Bin Abdulrahman University.

The Saudi Celiac Patients’ Support Group agreed upon the warmth invitation from Princess Nora Bin Abdulrahman University representatives: Dr. Faten Al Zamil, Vice Dean of Health Affairs and Supervisor of Preparatory Year and Ms. Hind Al Shamsan, Nutrition Specialist, to conduct an Educational Exhibition in their Institution.

It was organized by the Group members in participation of Ms. Arwa Ajaji, Nutrition Specialist, Ms. Mona Al Rzian, General Nutritionist and volunteer Medical Students from King Khalid University Hospital.

Booths were made available to accommodate our recipients in this Exhibition, an LCD display of presentation regarding Celiac Disease and its background in one corner, corner for gluten-free products and baked samples for the patients and another booth displaying the educational materials and publications, which are as follows:

  • Celiac Disease Journal (First Issue)
  • Newsletter of Saudi Celiac Patients’ Support Group (First Issue)
  • Brochures and Business Card of Saudi Celiac Patients’ Support Group.
  • Brochures on education for Nutrition prepared by Ms. Arwa Ajaji
  • SGA Brochures of 20 different kinds of Digestive System Diseases.


Majority of the visitors were relatives of Celiac Disease patients that actively participated and showed an obvious interest in the said event.

Questionnaires were made available at the last corner of the venue that aimed to perceive the Public Awareness on the disease nature and as well as to assess activity’s rate of success. Suggestions and Comments were all accommodated.

Souvenirs such as mugs and bags with the group logo was also distributed.

We could say that the Exhibition was a success, an obvious positive interaction among the patients and students of Princess Nora Bin Abdulrahman University was observed.


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