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  • Anonymous: My Daughter is 10 years old; we knew through the blood investigations that she has Celiac Disease. She’s not on any medications now and is on diet. My question is this disease curable?

Prof. Asaad:  Blood investigations are not enough to diagnose this disease a biopsy of the small intestine should be taken through an endoscope to make the diagnosis – Confirmatory Exam

  • Anonymous: What Vitamins should be given to a 3 years old child who has Celiac Disease?

Prof. Asaad: Folic acid and Iron should be given in newly diagnosed patients who are known to have Anemia with Vitamin D3 4 times a day.

  • Anonymous: My daughter is 17 years old is Diabetic and was diagnosed with Celiac disease 5 years ago. My question is there a relationship between Diabetes and Celiac disease?

Prof. Asaad: Yes, Celiac disease affects patients with Diabetes for the reason that the immune system is affected when you are suffering from the Disease.

  • Anonymous: Is celiac disease hereditary?

Prof. Asaad: The disease sometimes could be hereditary and there is a strong theory that proves that.



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