Gluten-Free List

“TO TAKE OR NOT TO TAKE?” Down below are the lists of food to be avoided and tolerable. This list is not yet completed based on that celiac disease patients should seek help from nutritionists or the specified physician. In addition, they have to look to the food table and read it thoroughly to be 100% sure the food is gluten free.


Food to be avoided

Allowed foods

Bread and cereals

Bread made from wheat, barely oat, bran groats wheat koskos and semolina.

Bread made of corn flour or potato flour, rice flour (diggrent type of rice). Bread made of coconut flour.

Sesame, some seeds: chia seeds, soya plant plain, millet, plax seeds, buckwheat.


All fruits made with wheat flour or stuffed bakery.

All fresh fruits, frozen fruits, canned fruits, all type of fruits juice.


All vegetables mad without wheat, barely oats, and vegetables without creams or mad without some contains gluten and some canned food. 

All fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, canned vegetables, ginger, zafraan and olive.


Fats and oils

All commercial dressings that contain gluten, mayonnaise contain gluten

Butter, oils reget. Oils, margarine free from gluten ruts, peanut butter, some salad dressing plain mayonnaise all vegetable oil, natural gee

Milk (Dairy)

Milk without commercial flavors without cereals.   Coca mix. Hot chocolate. Cream alternative even without dairy products, red yogurt, condensed milk.

Fresh milk (liquid). Powder milk. Condensed milk free from gluten, yogurt. Cow milk. Soya milk. Cheese free from gluten like soya milk



Any food made without wheat, oats barely or gluten such as prank porter sausages, cold meat slices, tortilla slices) saus eages canned meats. Spread foods that contain gluten. Turki meat cooked wrought protein. Fish or meat without crumble such as baked meat. Meat pies oat congaing cheese.

All fresh meats, fish, seafood, chicken (poultry) eggs. Fish, canned tuna without oil or water. Natural cheese. Dried peas (pea’s lentils) nuts peanut butter soya beans.

Soups and sauces

Commercial soups that contain wheat, oat, barley secale cereal. Ready-made tomato sauce that contains gluten spicy sauce ketchup contains gluten. 

Commercial mixes “unless gluten free”. Commercial sweets barley, ice cream biscuits, conservatives with gluten, pie-stuffing pudding, cakes sweets cakes doughnuts.

Homemade soups. Vegetable soup. Cream soup canned or frozen with gluten free. Apple vinegar. Natural vinegar. Xanthan gum soya, curry some neutral bohart with gluten free.


Sweet and deserts

Bakeries from what, barely or oat flour. All commercial sweets containing gluten mars, twix, chocolates that contain gluten caramel color. Baking powder.


Sweetened cakes, cookies free from gluten made from corn flour, rice pudding, and jelly rice with water and fruit juice made form allowed nutrients. Sweets made from sweetened milk free from gluten. Jammy jelly honeys chocolate. Plain cocoa cocoanut marring cake gluten free. Vanilla gluten free bake pounds yeast.


Beer. Barely drinks

Tang, natural fresh Juice. Soft drinks


Some drugs. Magi. Chips potatoes made from not allowed nutrients.

Sodium bicarbonates Monosodium glutamate


 **Please keep in mind, that the majority of these foods may be available in markets free form gluten. So, you should recheck with the menu lecture company in case there is any suspicion. **


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