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To enable a more effective communication among our Clients, Doctors, Viewers and Users, the Group Founders come out to an idea of establishing a Website. This will ensure that all the inquiries from our recipients will be accommodated and hoping that the web will be as well a sort of reference for them and their family.

The website contains lists of tolerated and forbidden foods, recipes and dishes that can be prepared. The names of some companies that sell these products are also available in the web.

We would like to thank all the Physicians who made many efforts in helping our clients, respond to all their inquiries and all the supervisors, administrators, and staff who never failed to support us.

We special thank Dr. Nahla Azzam, Dr. Fahad AlBidary, Professor Assad Asseri, Ms. Arwa AlAjaji and Staff from the Clinical Nutrition Department.

Website was published on 17 May 2008.


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