About the SCPS Group

Our group "Saudi Celiac Patients' Support Group" was founded in 2008 (1428 AH) by the Gastroenterology Unit, Department of Medicine, King Khalid University Hospital (KKUH), Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Soon after it was joined by the Saudi Gastroenterology Association (SGA). It was dependent on personal effort and individual work, crossed many stages in time to help clients recognize the disease, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and ensure a complete elimination of gluten in diet for life, which is the cornerstone for the treatment of this disease.

Our Theme Logo:
“YOU ARE NOT ALONE” Gives a visual representation of the group’s aim to render a never-ending support and continuous communication with our clients; ensuring that we are always ready to accommodate every single query, suggestion, and clarifications regarding the celiac disease.

Our Vision:
To be an outstanding support group all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that will continually improve and assist the community in overcoming the celiac disease. Our vision of providing support to the clients through exceptional management to reach a better healthy lifestyle.

Our Objectives:
1. To raise public awareness on celiac disease through publications, educational session and periodic meetings with the doctors and clients.
2.  To secure an open environment for celiac disease patients through establishment of database encompassing their contact details that will make the communications easier and reachable and vice versa.
3. To acquire up-to-date studies on celiac disease, research, medications, and food recipes.

The Founders:
This group was founded with the help of Dr. Abdulrahman Al Jebreen (Assistant Professor and Consultant of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Unit), Head of Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Unit, and Ms. Noora Al Otaibi (Radiologic Technician), founder and coordinator of the group, the group was officially established. In addition, as days pass by, the group has continued to grow as the Gastroenterology Saudi Association joined.

Concept from:
Ms. Nora Al Otaibi, Radiology Technician and the Group Coordinator
Ms. Manal Al Dekhail, Former Research Coordinator, Gastroenterology Unit

Supported by:
Dr. Abdulrahman AlJebreen
Dr. Nahla Azzam

Committee Members:
Prof. Asaad Asiri
Prof.Abdulrahman AlJebreen
Prof. Ahmed Bahamam
Dr. Nahla Azzam
Dr. Othman AlHarbi
Dr. Bader AlSaleem
Dr.Fahad AlSohabani
Dr.Hani Jawa
Dr. Fisal Batwa

Nutrition Specialist:
Ms. Arwa Al Ajaji
Mr. Osama AlZeer
Mr. Saleh Al Amri

Students’ group organizer:
Nada Dammas

Public relation team:
Hanan Khushaim
Abeer AlAbdulkarim
Leen AL-Tamim

Human resources team:
Abdullah Alatawi
Anas Ali

Website team:
Lina Aljurf
Baraah alqarni
Abdullah Alfaifi
Malak Alyahya

Media Team Organizer:
Mariam Bawazir
Yara Alzamil
Mishari Alsalem


Naglaa Al Hamdy

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